iolo technologies Reviews (Continued)

Tom’s Guide


System Mechanic selected as the top system utility on the market in a round-up published by one of the nation’s leading technology publications. The publication awards System Mechanic the top spot based on the programs ease of use, expansive set of tools and ability to optimize PCs.

“System Mechanic’s optimization tools also allow users to uninstall faulty software, customize a system’s startup programs and get rid of unnecessary processes.”

System Mechanic Professional Review

By Staff

A very positive review of System Mechanic Professional (4.5/5 stars) by one of the world’s leading tech authorities. The review gives the program high praise for its expansive feature set and its ability to improve the performance of PCs.

“System Mechanic Professional is a full-featured program to help you keep your computer free of problem files and other junk that can impact performance.”

Laptop Magazine

System Mechanic 12.7 Review

By John Corpuz

A very positive review of System Mechanic (5/5 stars) in one of the world’s leading technology publications. One of the most influential publications that covers PCs, LAPTOP has more than 630,000 unique monthly viewers.

“System Mechanic is the best PC repair software we tested. System Mechanic is the best software for PC repair due to its ability to blend power and simplicity.”


System Mechanic 12.7 Review

By Chris Snoke

The publication presents the program with its 2014 Excellence Award and its 2014 Gold Award as the best PC system utility on the market.

“This program is the best PC maintenance software because it actively looks for and helps prevent problems with your system before they occur”


System Mechanic Free Review

By Lee Collins

A very positive review of System Mechanic Free (5/5 stars) in one of the world’s leading technology sites. The review gives the program high praise for its ability to optimize PCs and keep users from having to purchase new machines.

“we also must add that this version is extremely stable and credit must go to Iolo for working hard to improve stability on both Windows 7 and Vista.. this version work as specified and is recommended”

System Mechanic Free Review

By Staff

A positive review of System Mechanic Free (3.5/5 stars) on the editorial side of the world’s leading download site. The review gives the program high praise for its wide range of tools and ability to optimize PCs while remaining free of charge.

“System Mechanic Free does an excellent job of optimizing your computer’s performance…System Mechanic Free will impress rookie users and hardcore computer geeks, equally.”


System Mechanic Review

By Darryl Johnson

A very positive review of System Mechanic (4/5 stars) in one of the world’s leading technology publications.

“System Mechanic fixes problems quickly, and helps the user walk through every problem in a detailed and clear manner.”


Hands on: iolo System Mechanic 14 review

By Jennifer McCartney

A very positive (4/5 stars) review of System Mechanic 14 in one of the world’s leading technology publications. The article gives a breakdown of the new tools included in version 14 and gives the program high praise for its ability to improve the performance of PCs and the affordability of the valuable program.

USA Today

Help desk: Top tips to help your parents

By Alice Truong

System Mechanic is recommended as the first product in this USA Today article listing five essential tools for elderly computer users: “you’ll notice a difference just by running the software on default settings” as “it works its magic”.

PC Magazine

iolo System Mechanic 10.7

By Jeffrey L. Wilson

A highly positive review in which System Mechanic 10.7 is awarded PC Magazine’s coveted Editors’ Choice, marking its second Editors’ Choice accolade in a row. The reviewer praises System Mechanic as the “PC tune-up utility champion” that provided “the most improved performance of all the tune-up utilities tested” and concludes: “the latest version of iolo’s PC tune-up utility is a must have for well-used computers and serves up a host of new features not present in previous builds.”


Keep Your Gaming Rig in Shape with System Mechanic 10.5

By Brian Edge-Salois

System Mechanic 10.5 gets 5 out of 5 stars in this gaming review and is described as excellent, impressive and useful. “System Mechanic will save you a few of those “family tech support” phone calls, which is worth its weight in gold.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

An easy fix can get your old computer up to speed

By Buzz McClain

Story on the front page of the Life and Arts section on speeding up old computers using System Mechanic 10.5. “The 13-year-old is happy to report that his photos, videos and music now fly across the screen, and the PC is quieter, a bonus that the software company doesn’t advertise.”

Smart Computing

System Utilities: Maintenance Tools For Windows

By Nathan Lake

System Mechanic 10.5 is praised for its industry-first Whole Home Licensing in this PC performance software round-up.

Laptop Magazine

Fix Your Laptop: 34 Tips, Apps, and Gear to Improve Performance

By Dana Wollman

System Mechanic 10 strongly recommended for “a complete cleansing” to “breathe new life into your notebook.”


10 ways to apply & wipe off Digital Lipstick. The makeup of internet privacy.

By Teresa Turner

One of System Mechanic 10.5’s more than 50 tools – Privacy Cleaner – recommended as a way to protect computer users’ privacy.

PC World

Software Speed Boosts for Your PC

By Christopher Null

System Mechanic recommended as a solution to clean the registry and “revitalize a years-old PC.”

Tech Digest (UK)

Review: System Mechanic 10 PC tune-up software

By Gerald Lynch

System Mechanic recommended as “an intuitive, clean hub from which to fine-tune your PC’s performance,” providing “noticeable speed boost.”


Review: DriveScrubber 3 protects your information

By Susan Wilson

Positive review of DriveScrubber, which exclaims: “the program worked like a charm.”

DriveScrubber Review: Hard Drive Scrubbing So Simple Dad Can Use It

By Josh Smith

DriveScrubber recommended as “an easy to use hard drive wiping tool that is a good fit for any user who wants to clean their old PC or hard drive before recycling, donating or selling an old PC.”

Windows IT Pro

2010 Windows IT PRo Editors’ Best and Community Choice Awards

By Editors

System Mechanic Business wins Windows IT Pro Magazine’s prestigious Best Product of the Year award in Best System Utility category and is praised as the solution for “small organizations to speed up and clean up users’ PCs without blowing their IT budget.” A business user recommends: “System Mechanic Business has saved me so much time – time that I can focus on other projects.”

PC Magazine

PC Magazine’s Best Products of 2010

By Eric Griffith

System Mechanic 10 selected as one of 80 top products from hundreds of reviews conducted by PC Magazine in 2010. System Mechanic 10 is praised as “a must have for well-used computers.” The editors continue: “It’s designed to blow the virtual dust out of worn machines by repairing the registry, defragging the hard drive, and eliminating files that stymie snappy performance. It has a multi-PC license so you can use it on every Windows system in your house.”

North Jersey Record

All-in-one program is handy

By Peter Grad

Positive review of System Mechanic 10, which calls it “a revamped powerhouse” with “easy-to-read gauges” and “a few dozen utilities stuffed into a rock-solid package.”

New Zealand Herald

Review: System Mechanic 10

By Pat Pilcher

A glowing review in New Zealand’s top newspaper that calls Program Accelerator “most intriguing” and Whole Home Licensing “most attractive” new feature of System Mechanic 10.

CNet News

A Windows system utility worth paying for

By Dennis O’Reilly

CNet praises System Mechanic 10 as a “Windows utility worth paying for” delivering “fast, thorough system checks with only a couple of clicks.”

Tech Talk Radio

System Mechanic 10

By Andy Taylor

Reviewer at this popular radio station praises System Mechanic for delivering “visibly faster boot time and load times for programs.”

PC Magazine

By Jeffrey L. Wilson

A highly positive review in which System Mechanic 10 is awarded PC Magazine’s coveted Editors’ Choice. The reviewer proclaims it “our new PC tune-up utility champ” that “bested all utilities in performance and installation flexibility” and concludes: “the latest version of iolo’s PC tune-up utility is a must have for well-used computers.”


System Utilities Software Can Also Deliver Marketing Insights

By Andrew Johnson

Top analyst firm recommends that PC manufacturers include PC tune-up in their offering.

ComputerBild (Germany)

System Mechanic 9.5 tunes up computers

By Staff

A short, positive System Mechanic 9.5 write-up, highlighting EnergyBooster, Tune-up Definitions and helpful status overviews.

PC Praxis (Germany)

Windows-Tuning mit System Mechanic 9.5

By Boris Hofferbert

Top German technology magazine calls iolo the “world leader,” whose System Mechanic “stands out from the rest.”

SoftwareCrew (UK)

Review: iolo System Mechanic 10

By Mike Williams

A positive review of System Mechanic which “has always stood out by offering more. Much more.”

PC Format (Poland)

Windows na przegladzie

By Sebastian Malinowski

A six-page-long cover story on System Mechanic. praising it as the best PC performance program.


Speed up your computer with System Mechanic

By Charles Costa

Small business owner reviewing System Mechanic 9.5 is impressed with the software’s reliability and calls Start-up Optimizer “a lifesaver.”

PC World (Poland)

System Mechanic Professional: all-in-one Windows tuning

By Robert Szyszka

Highly positive review of System Mechanic Professional which summarizes that “it works beautifully.”

Network World

Two more reasons why your computer sucks

By Keith Shaw

JJ Schoch of iolo technologies discusses the two new causes of PC slowdown discovered by iolo Labs: program misalignment and redundant software.

Tech Digest (UK)

Dust off your ageing PC: System Mechanic 10 digs deeper to root out new causes of computer slowdown

By Gerald Lynch

An early announcement of System Mechanic 10, which explains how Program Accelerator and CRUDD Remover are useful and effective.

WinExtra (Canada)

Search and Recover

By Steven Hodson

A positive review of Search and Recover, including a video, which praises it as “a simple program to use” that “does the job as advertised.”

Xbox Plus

DriveScrubber e Search and Recover, da iolo technologies: apague, busque e recupere arquivos com seguanca

By Marcos A.T. Silva

A positive review on DriveScrubber and Search and Recover that calls both “top class products.”

Channel Pro

System Mechanic Business Gets an Upgrade

By Michael Siggins

New System Mechanic Business with Network Deployment Manager described in this important channel publication.

Channel Insider

iolo technologies Upgrades System Mechanic Business

By Nathan Eddy

This important channel publication announces new System Mechanic Business with the Network Deployment Manager.

Government Computer News

System Mechanic 9.5 keeps PCs up-to-speed and secure

By John Breeden II

System Mechanic 9.5 earns Reviewer’s Choice award for an unprecedented second year in a row and is praised as “the default toolset for keeping PCs up-to-speed.”

AOL Discover

Is Your PC Too Sick to Save?

By Staff

An excellent article on extending your PC’s life, with quotes from John Breeden, lab director at Government Computer News, who highly recommends System Mechanic: “You don’t have to be technical to use it. You just push the ‘fix’ button, and it does its thing. You can, however, use it to really dig into a system if you’re technically inclined, so it’s the best of both worlds that way.”


Review: System Mechanic Is a Nice Product, Especially For Younger Computer User

By Corrina Lawson

A highly positive review of System Mechanic 9.5, which offered significant speed improvements on three tested computers, impressing the reviewer’s tech genius son and teenage daughter. “Having a program explain, in simple English, what it was doing was not only a nice feature but it also taught me something.”

MicroMart (UK)

DriveScrubber 3.5

By John Riley

Highly positive review of DriveScrubber, which receives nine out of 10 stars and MicroMart Editor’s choice award. The reviewer concludes: “If security is your goal, I would heartily recommend DriveScrubber. Just make sure that you back up important data first. This piece of software means what it says!”

Smart Computing

Utility Software – Give Your Computer A Performance Boost

By Tracy Baker

A round-up of PC tune-up and performance software, which calls System Mechanic Professional 9.5 “one of the most comprehensive utility suites money can buy.”


Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads of All Ages

By Staff

System Mechanic 9.5 included as a great Father’s Day gift idea: “Even if you do not have access to a computer whiz with nimble fingers and a sharp mind, you can have access to the next best thing – System Mechanic.”


System Mechanic 9.5 Review

By James Ryan Schultz

iolo’s first YouTube coverage from an influential young blogger, which calls it “a really great tool for system cleanup” and admires the “much quicker booting and working in the OS.”


Computer Energy Saving – Start Your PC Faster

By Calissa Leigh

System Mechanic included in this green article as a way to minimize energy costs and shorten boot times. “It boosted starting my PC from a few minutes to a few seconds. Brilliant.”

WinExtra (Canada)

System Mechanic Professional: #1 System Repair Software

Software Review: System Mechanic 9.5

By Steven Hodson

A four-part glowing review of System Mechanic that calls it “one of the most feature complete packages of tools to enable you to optimize your computer with the minimum of fuss and maximum ease of use.”


System Mechanic Professional: #1 System Repair Software

By Staff

System Mechanic Professional 9.5 receives the gold award and is named the best system repair software in this highly positive review, which calls it “a longtime favorite” which “stands out among other system repair programs.”


System Mechanic 9.5

By Calissa Hatton

Positive review of SM9.5 that praises increased boot-times and improved system performance on both tested PCs, and concludes that SM9.5 is “an easy-to-use, effective software for one-click PC maintenance.”

Xbox Plus

System Mechanic 9.5: mais de 40 ferramentas para optimizar e reparar seu sistema

By Marcos A.T. Silva

Highly positive review of System Mechanic 9.5 on this Spanish-speaking gaming website, which praises its “beautiful interface, many fantastic tools and options, the possibility of reversing any changes made, and the Tune-up Definitions provided by iolo Labs.”

MicroMart (UK)

System Mechanic 9.5

By Staff

Highly positive review of System Mechanic 9.5, which earns nine out of 10 stars and the MicroMart Editor’s Choice award. Reviewer calls System Mechanic “superb” and “as essential to my system as a mouse, keyboard or monitor.”

Mom Knows It All

Software Review – iolo technologies System Mechanic

By Staff

Popular mommy blog’s enthusiastic review of System Mechanic 9.5. Since installing the program, blogger’s PC has been problem-free, with quicker boot-times and increased performance.

PC World (Czech Republic)

Recenze: System Mechanic 9.5

By Vaclav Vetvicka

A detailed review of System Mechanic 9.5, which is praised as a “reliable tool” to prevent PC slowdowns.

NBC Philadelphia

Gifts for Dads and Grads

By Steve Greenberg

System Mechanic featured on this morning television news show segment about cool tech gift ideas for dads and grads.

The Fabulous Report

System Mechanic (Because a Slow Computer is not Fab)

By Lorna Solano

Positive review of System Mechanic 9.5, which noticeably improved the performance of the tested PC and proved “very easy to use.”

EDGE Publications

Gay Geek: Tempting Tech Toys

By David Andrusia

Excellent System Mechanic 9.5 write-up in tech column in this popular GLBT publication. Mentioned various awards, ActiveCare and industry-first Tune-up Definitions and humorously concluded: “System Mechanic is one clean-up woman we’re not letting out of our sight.”

Tech Thoughts

System Mechanic – A one stop pit stop for computer maintenance

By Bill Mullins

A very positive review of System Mechanic 9.5, which concludes that the two test machines “ran noticeably faster after using System Mechanic” and that the program “is worth every penny of its $39.95 purchase price.”


Going Green at Pepcom EcoFocus 2010

By Edward Jackson

System Mechanic 9.5 selected as one of the top seven green products at the popular green-focused media event in NYC. “For around $40, you can save some green and be Eco-Green at the same time.”

Tech toys

By Gillian Shaw

Canada’s largest news source praises System Mechanic 9.5. Technology reporter is pleased with her “clean as a whistle” PC after using the program.


Is There an Eco in Here?

By Michael Cohn

A write-up on the most popular green products, which mentions that System Mechanic 9.5 can “tune up Windows PCs so they don’t require as much power to run.”

Le Soleil (Canada)

System Mechanic: un outil de maintenance pour Windows

By Yves Therrien

A positive review of the bilingual French-English version, available in retail and online locations across Quebec and Canada.

New Zealand Herald

Review: System Mechanic

By Pat Pilcher

New Zealand’s largest newspaper praises System Mechanic 9.5 for being “the most comprehensive system tweaker” and having “fantastic technical support.” Reviewer concludes it is “a must have for anyone keen to keep their PC running in tip top shape.”

5 Vinez Monkey

Speed Up Your Computer with System Mechanic

By Angie Vinez

An enthusiastic mommy blogger exclaims “I can’t believe the difference it’s made on my system” and recommends “this product to anyone who is frustrated with a slow computer.”

Grand Forks Herald

TECH REVIEW: An inexpensive tune-up for your PC

By Noah Matthews

A review of System Mechanic 9.5, which concludes: “Right out of the box – and with no technical expertise – System Mechanic can boost your PC’s boot-up time.”

Getting a Faster PC

By Matthew Broughton

A detailed review of System Mechanic 9.5, which praises it for “the improvement in the computer’s performance, user-friendly features and taking the consumers’ needs to heart.”


iolo: We’re Tops In Canada

By Ben Kuo

Brief write-up on iolo commanding 98 percent of the PC utilities market in Canada.

Gaming Trend

System Mechanic 9.5

By Chuck Greer

This popular gaming site highly recommends System Mechanic 9.5 by saying: “I will never go without the program again.” Conclusion: “Is it worth the price? Absolutely.”

Little Tech Girl

Keep your PC running smooth with System Mechanic

By Kris Cain

This popular women’s blog recommends System Mechanic 9.5 and concludes: “It runs very fast and smooth and provides several tools for speeding up your PC.”


Bajo la Lupa: iolo System Mechanic 9.5

By Randy Mora

A positive review of System Mechanic 9.5 on this leading Spanish-language site.


Are Your Computers Slow? 10 Tips To A Cleaner & Faster Computer

By Ramon Ray

This important resource site for small businesses shares iolo’s statistics on PC clutter’s impact on workplace productivity and tips on how to achieve a cleaner and faster computer.

Tech Savvy Mama

System Mechanic Helps Fine Tune Your PC on Clean Out Your Computer Day

By Leticia

A positive review of System Mechanic 9.5 around Clean Out Your Computer Day, which praises the fact that “everything needed is in one place” as its main advantage.

Huffington Post

Clean Out Your Computer

By Stephanie Vaughn Hapke

The most popular news website recommends System Mechanic 9.5 as “definitely a keeper.”

Well Connected Mom

Clean Out Your Computer Day

By Lori Cunningham

A very detailed, consumer-friendly, step-by-step review of System Mechanic 9.5 that praises the program for being a “time saver.” (Australia)

Today is Clean Out Your Computer Day!

By Shai Coggins

A positive System Mechanic 9.5 review in this top Australian blog (ranked #56) calls the program “very intuitive.”

Network World

Why Your Computer Sucks

By Keith Shaw

Top technology magazine reviews the reasons why computers slow down over time and mentions System Mechanic 9.5 as a tool to improve PC performance.

Sacramento Bee

Personal Finance: Get PC Clutter under Control

By Claudia Buck

One of the largest newspapers in the U.S. discusses ways to keep your PC in optimal condition around Clean Out Your Computer Day and recommends System Mechanic 9.5.


Feb. 8 is Clean Out Your Computer Day

By Thursday Bram

In this Clean Out Your Computer Day article, blogger mentions System Mechanic 9.5, “which can fix common problems and reduce demands on your system, like unused background programs.”

Tech Talk for Moms

Clean Out Your Computer Day and System Mechanic

By Beckie Mostello

A popular mommy blog reviews System Mechanic 9.5 around Clean Out Your Computer Day and concludes it is “essentially getting a brand new computer.”

Syracuse Post-Standard

Two New Programs Help Keep Windows Running

By Al Fasoldt

System Mechanic 9, “the latest iteration of a veteran fix-it program, well respected among Windows users,” is praised for its comprehensive solutions and ease of use.

Blend Games

PC Hardware Solution Comes in the Form of Software

By William Usher

System Mechanic 9 recommended as a way to ensure “gamers can get the most out of their gaming experience” and “maximize the efficiency of their PC without having to tune up the parts under the casing.”

The West Australian

System Mechanic 9

By Drew Turney

The largest newspaper in West Australia praises System Mechanic 9 for “marked speed improvements even in simple tasks like opening windows” and highly recommends it to its readers.


Keep Windows 7 Clean with System Mechanic 9

By Dong Ngo

After in-depth testing, CNet recommends System Mechanic 9 to keep those new Windows 7 machines in shape. The reviewer praises the “nice, intuitive interface,” one-click fixes for novices, and “truly likes” System Mechanic’s set of comprehensive tools.

Simply Being Mommy


By Crystal Reagan

Another mom blogger appreciates DriveScrubber’s ease of use and the peace of mind it gave her when donating her old computer. She concludes: “DriveScrubber exceeds all government and military standards and protects you from even the most advanced recovery techniques.”

Impulse Gamer (Australia)

System Mechanic 9

By Edwin Millheim

A 9 out of 10 review that praises System Mechanic 9’s “impressive front end” and “staggering amount of powerful tools” for gamers. The reviewer concludes: “It’s a powerful intimidating beast, but it purrs like a kitten, and can get your system doing the same.”

How-To Geek

System Mechanic 9

By Staff

A positive, 4-star review of System Mechanic which concludes that: “It is truly a Swiss army knife of performance, repair and optimization tools.”

The Globe and Mail (Canada)


By Tina Gray

This mom blogger praises DriveScrubber as an easy-to-use product to protect her privacy and summarizes: “One wipe with DriveScrubber and your drives are as good as new.”

The Globe and Mail (Canada)

How to Get a 35 Percent Faster PC for $50

By Chad Sapieha

This gaming reporter praises System Mechanic 9 for achieving an impressive 35 percent improvement in his PC performance. “It has undeniably helped me achieve a richer PC gaming experience. That alone is worth the cost of a single game once per year.”

PC Utilities (UK)

Software Reviews: iolo System Mechanic 9

By Staff

System Mechanic 9 receives the coveted “Recommended by PC Utilities” award. Reviewer concludes: “If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to PC performance problems, System Mechanic’s comprehensive approach is hard to beat.”

MicroMart (UK)

System Mechanic 9

By Staff

System Mechanic 9 receives “The Editor’s Choice” award and 9 out of 10 stars for quality and value. Reviewer writes: “System Mechanic was a good program before this update, but it’s now in a league of its own. A superb collection of clean-up and tune-up tools to keep your PC optimized.”

Sarasota PC Monitor

iolo System Mechanic 9

By Herbert Goldstein

System Mechanic 9 called “the current star and leading choice among utility software” and iolo praised as “an example for software publishers in excellent customer care”. Reviewer concludes: “I have never come across a multi-functional computer utility with the depth, breadth, and maturity of System Mechanic 9.”


Keep Computers out of Landfills by Speeding up with System Mechanic

By Paige Wolfe

An extremely positive review of System Mechanic, from a business owner’s perceptive. “Many products online claim to cleans, fix, and speed up computers, but System Mechanic stayed true to its claim.”

WebUser (UK)

iolo System Mechanic 9

By Staff

A popular UK publication gives System Mechanic 9 a very positive review, emphasizing its ease of use and new Energy Booster and improved Memory Mechanic features. Reviewer concludes that “System Mechanic is among the best and is worth forking out for.”

Los Angeles Business Journal

Best Places to Work in LA

By Staff

iolo technologies is named one of the Top 50 Places to Work in LA and praised for achieving great successes over its 11 years in business while maintaining a very entrepreneurial and collegial environment.

Sunday Times (UK)

Breathe New Life into Your Computer

By Matt Bingham

A highly positive review of System Mechanic 9 in UK’s largest newspaper, which calls it “better than ever” and praises as “the equivalent of peeling back the past two years of a PC’s life.” Reviewer notes that “the beauty of System Mechanic is that it brings all digital housekeeping routines together as one, easy-to-use program.”

Woman’s Day

Smart Ways to Spend Less on Back-to-school

By Gretchen Roberts

Tuning up PCs using System Mechanic is mentioned as #11 cost-cutting tip for back-to-school savings. iolo customer praises System Mechanic for “making a huge difference to my girls – and to my bank account.”

Laptop Magazine

Best Software Utilities

By Troy Dreier

System Mechanic is included in this round-up of best software utilities. Reviewer praises the improved ActiveCare, which “runs in the background when you’re not using your PC, performing the necessary tests to keep your system running smoothly.”

PC World

System Mechanic 9 Digs Deep to Improve Performance

By Ian Harman

This in-depth review highlights the versatility and performance gains provided by System Mechanic 9. It is easy to use, with an elegant interface and an extraordinary degree of customizability and fine control; a great way to stay on top of all the things which can drag down system performance.


Tune Up Your PC with the New Version of System Mechanic from iolo

By Andy Taylor

This write-up on new System Mechanic 9 stresses Tune-up Definitions and Windows 7 compatibility and highlights such new features as EnergyBooster, Total Registry Revitalizer and Incinerator.

PC Magazine

New System Mechanic 9 Offers Smarter, Faster,
Deeper Tune-Ups

By Errol Pierre-Louis

Another positive article on the new System Mechanic 9, which focuses on Tune-up Definitions and highlights the speed and depth improvements in version 9, quoting data and statistics.

PC World

iolo Announces System Mechanic 9

By Nick Mediati

This excellent article on new System Mechanic 9 features the exclusive and industry-first Tune-up Definitions, as well as EnergyBooster, Incinerator, Total Registry Revitalizer and the Vista gadget.

Small Business Computing

Utility Review: System Mechanic 8.5 Business Edition

By Joseph Moran

In-depth review of System Mechanic Business which concludes it “gives misbehaving systems a needed boost” and “offers a comprehensive and inexpensive set of diagnostic and maintenance utilities that’s worth having on hand.”


Review – System Mechanic Does Its Job Well

By Susan Wilson

This detailed review summarizes that “System Mechanic is better than other such programs I have tried from better known names. […] On a scale of one to five, I give this program a five.”


iolo Debuts Business Edition of System Mechanic Software

By Nathan Eddy

eWeek praises System Mechanic’s ability to restore and maintain the speed and responsiveness of older computers and minimize their energy use, which “aids in saving small and mid-sized businesses money on energy and cooling bills.”

System Mechanic Speeds Startup Of Slowpoke PCs

By Gayle Kesten

This in-depth story on System Mechanic Business explains PC problems and slowdowns resulting from everyday business use, and the time and electricity savings that can be achieved using System Mechanic.

iolo technologies Reclaims Speed of Cluttered Computers

By Xavier Lanier

This article on System Mechanic Business launch explains the burden PC replacement and repair costs place on small businesses, highlighting the fact that any computer built after 2000 can run all current business software. Mentions iolo is “famous for their PC tune-up software.”

PC Magazine @Work Blog

System Mechanic, PC Tune-Up Program, Now Available in
Business Edition

By Kathy Yakal

This detailed article on System Mechanic Business mentions small businesses’ lack of budgets for dedicated IT personnel or new hardware purchases, and the number of computer problems caused by software and everyday use that can be fixed with a simple PC tune-up.

iolo Turns Eyes to SMB Market

By Ben Kuo

Influential Southern California technology site announces the launch of System Mechanic Business and highlights its benefits, such as “avoiding unnecessary new hardware purchases, helping companies minimize energy use, and reducing employee stress levels.”

CNet News

Fine-tune Your Vista PC’s Performance

By Dennis O’Reilly

CNet highly recommends System Mechanic, “Anyone looking for the full complement of system tools in a single package will be pleased with this utility’s breadth and depth.”

Simply Being Mommy

System Mechanic Review and Giveaway

By Crystal Reagan

This mommy blog mentions iolo’s extensive PC tune-up history and impressive awards list, noting the significant speed improvements offered. “The best part about System Mechanic, no expert needed! Anyone can use this software.”

Inc. Magazine

Five Tips to Make Your Hardware Last Longer

By Minda Zetlin

iolo quoted as an expert in this article on how small businesses and entrepreneurs can extend the lifespan of their computers.

Smart Computing

Head to Head: System Utility Suites

By Tracy Baker

In this positive review, the editor explains that “System Mechanic has been a go-to utility suite for years and for good reason” and mentions that it “is rounded out with nice touches and had a terrific interface and provided plenty of feedback.”


Green Tech: iolo technologies System Mechanic

By Jennifer Bergen

ZDNet editor recommends System Mechanic as a green technology which will keep your computer running for longer, saving money on hardware replacements and electricity bills.

Laptop Magazine

Review of iolo System Mechanic 8.5

By Jeffrey Wilson

System Mechanic receives 4 out of 5 stars in this Laptop Magazine review. Editor calls it an “excellent PC maintenance tool which packs enough simplicity and depth for pros and novices alike.”

A Thrifty Mom

Speed Up Your Computer Giveaway!

By Sarah Barrand

Another popular mommy blog editor notices her computer is “fast, never lags or freezes” after running System Mechanic.

Government Computer News

A Tune-Up for Old Computers

By John Breeden II

Awarding System Mechanic the coveted and highly-regarded “Reviewer’s Choice” designation and an overall A+ grade, GCN editors praised it for its powerful utilities and easy-to-use interface. “It earns our Reviewer’s Choice designation and remains one of our favorite utility suites for users at all levels.”


Review: 3 Disk-cleaning Apps Declutter Your PC’s Hard Drive

By Wayne Rash

An excellent round-up in ComputerWorld which identifies System Mechanic as the best PC tune-up product. “System Mechanic does everything Norton Utilities does, plus a lot that Norton Utilities doesn’t do. It also gives experienced users a much better level of control. System Mechanic remains the best bang for the buck, even at its full price. Norton Utilities pales by comparison.”


Spring Cleaning Also Applies To Computers

By Adam Balkin

iolo interviewed as an expert in this segment on spring cleaning your PC on NY1 News. The segment highlights the need for PC tune-up and the benefits offered by System Mechanic.

The Economist

Plugged Up

By Nick Valery

System Mechanic mentioned in this feature story on why computers need tune-ups, which also stresses the growth of the PC tune-up category: “The computer industry expects tune-up software to emerge as a whole new product category, much as anti-malware suites did a decade ago.”

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