There’s no sweeping these facts under the rug.

System Mechanic is the best PC cleaner with the tools you need to optimize and keep your machine running like new.

Increase average boot time
Increase internet speed
Increase system resources

Let’s pull the rug back on CCleaner, shall we?

While CCleaner seems like a value, a closer look reveals how limiting the tool really is. Only System Mechanic from iolo fixes and improves all your home’s personal computers with one easy-to-use tool.

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Frustrating License Limitations

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More Features = More Clunky Downloads

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Limited File Recovery

System Mechanic is the Safe Choice

Millions of customers in over 33 countries trust System Mechanic to deliver award-winning PC performance.

4.5+ Stars

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8-Time Winner


100M+ Protected

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Comparing System Mechanic to CCleaner

System Mechanic®

CCleaner Pro

Automatic Maintenance


Repairs Registry Errors


Accelerates Boot Time


Real-time Optimization


Cleans Browser History


Removes Bloatware & Junk Files


System Defragger


Boosts Internet Speed


File Recovery


Total-home Protection

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Why System Mechanic is the better choice

System Mechanic is the leading performance solution that automatically scans and optimizes your PC to keep it running like-new and clutter-free. Using iolo’s proprietary technology, System Mechanic precision-tunes dozens of internet, processor, memory, and hard drive settings in real-time for maximum system speed and performance. With System Mechanic, you get an all-in-one tool that is easy to use and effective.

System Mechanic by the numbers

Faster system boot up icon

System Boot Up Time

(Up to) 12% Increase

Faster web browser speed icon

Web Browser Speed

(Up to) 10% Increase

Memory optimization icon

Memory Optimization

(Up to) 7% Increase

Reduce clutter icon

Reduce Clutter & Bloat

(Up to) 8% Increase

*Increases based on independent performance tests provided by Passmark Software.


What is a PC cleaner?

A PC Cleaner is an application that analyzes and performs various tasks to help improve your system’s performance.

Are all PC cleaners alike?

No. Different PC cleaners bundle different tools and services together. System Mechanic is the only PC cleaner and system performance tool that bundles many value-adding features into one, simple-to-use tool.

Are PC cleaners safe?

While we guarantee System Mechanic to be safe for your PC, not all PC cleaners are equal. Before downloading anything on to your system, you should read reviews on both the product and brand.

Can I try System Mechanic before purchasing?

While we are currently not offering a trial, we do stand behind our product with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Can I bundle iolo products?

Yes! iolo is proud to offer System Mechanic Ultimate Defense with all the must-have performance features from System Mechanic, PLUS privacy and protection features all in one, easy-to-use tool.

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