iolo technologies Launches New Business Edition of System Mechanic

Small and mid-sized businesses can now automatically speed up and repair multiple PCs with iolo’s #1 best-selling and award-winning PC tune-up product

Los Angeles, CA – Jun 4, 2009 – iolo technologies, the worldwide PC tune-up software experts, announced today the launch of a new small business offering. Recognizing that close to 92 percent of businesses in the U.S. have fewer than 25 employees and more than 98 percent of American businesses have fewer than 100 employees[1], iolo has developed a version of its flagship product System Mechanic specifically tailored for these environments. Starting today, small and mid-sized businesses can order packs of 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 PC licenses of System Mechanic Business edition on the company’s newly launched small business portal at  The product will also be launched into iolo’s channel of more than 18,000 worldwide storefronts over the coming months.

System Mechanic is the #1 best-selling PC tune-up software according to NPD and is used by more than 22 million consumers and businesses worldwide. With more than 40 different tools that fix errors, freezes and crashes, restore like-new speed and performance, and maintain overall stability, it offers small and mid-sized businesses a perfect all-in-one maintenance package to keep their PCs running in optimal condition.

Speed improvements
One of the primary business benefits offered by System Mechanic is its ability to restore and maintain the speed and responsiveness of even old computers. IDC notes that the majority of small business desktop purchases are simply replacements of existing units.[2] According to a recent survey conducted by iolo technologies among 330 small business owners, 70 percent of those businesses’ recent computer purchases were made because they felt they required new equipment to run the latest software or because they had very slow computers, whereas actual hardware failures explained only 5 percent of new computer purchases.

However, in the vast majority of cases, small businesses do not need to replace computers simply because they have apparently slowed down over time. According to iolo’s ongoing research and observation, roughly 98 percent of all computer slowdowns are caused by faulty settings, clutter, and fragmentation resulting from normal, everyday use. With simple tune-ups and ongoing proper maintenance, an average computer that’s even several years old can handle all the newest applications and be as quick and responsive as when it was new. In other words, the majority of PCs dating from 2000 and beyond should still be powerful enough for businesses, yet most are prematurely replaced, representing a vast and unnecessary cycle of ongoing corporate expense.

Numerous savings
System Mechanic Business edition can thus help businesses save money on unnecessary new hardware purchases. Forrester Research predicts that IT spending of small businesses might drop below the 3 percent fall predicted for the rest of businesses this year. With dwindling budgets, small businesses cannot afford to replace perfectly operational computers only because they have slowed down due to system clogging clutter and fragmentation. For the price of a new computer purchase, those businesses can restore more than 25 of their existing PCs to virtually new operating condition and then automatically maintain them indefinitely using System Mechanic.

Premature replacement cost isn’t the only business expense System Mechanic can help with.  A clogged-up PC that has slowed down runs less efficiently in many ways than one that’s tuned up. By optimizing computers and releasing wasted processor cycles, System Mechanic also minimizes their energy use, saving small and mid-sized businesses money on energy and cooling bills. Initial research data from iolo technologies shows that an average one-year-old computer running for 6 hours a day wastes 70 kWh a year. The savings can add up for companies that use dozens of computers often considerably longer than 6 hours a day.

Healthy computers can also reduce stress levels and increase productivity in the workplace. Research shows that employees waste an average of an hour a day as a result of slow computers, with slow start-up times and application launch times being the main culprits. In a close-knit and often fast-moving environment of a growing business, such waste and the resulting stress can make or break the success of a project, or even an entire venture.

Ease of use and affordable pricing
Many small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford to staff a full-time IT department to keep their computers in optimal condition – in fact, iolo technologies’ recent survey shows that in 54 percent of businesses with fewer than 25 employees, the owners conduct all software evaluations. That percentage is even higher for businesses with 4 to 10 employees, where more than 70 percent of owners personally evaluate software products.

With little or no dedicated IT staff, small businesses are looking for easy-to-use solutions that don’t cost as much as an outside IT professional’s visit. Designed to represent virtually zero learning curve and to work with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (including Windows 7 beta), System Mechanic Business edition can be up and running on office PCs in minutes, providing the equivalent of an on-site computer expert in a box, silently and automatically maintaining PCs with its patent-pending ActiveCare® technology, which proactively tunes up computers while staying out of the way of the user by only working when the PC is left idle. With System Mechanic’s ActiveCare switched on among the office PCs, business owners can be assured of like-new machine performance all the time, which translates into happier and more productive staff.

System Mechanic Business edition will retail for: $99.95 for a 10 PC license, $199.95 for up to 25 PCs, $349.95 for up to 50 PCs, $499.95 for up to 75 PCs and $629.95 for up to 100 PCs, providing small and medium businesses with significant savings over the version geared to individual consumers.

“Using System Mechanic to tune up their computers, small and mid-sized businesses can save money on hardware replacements and energy costs and boost employee productivity and morale,” said JJ Schoch, iolo technologies’ VP of marketing. “With such wide-ranging savings, PC tune-up is the ultimate small business stimulus package any small and mid-sized business could use in this economy.”

iolo technologies, LLC, a privately held firm founded in 1998 and headquartered in Los Angeles with offices worldwide, produces award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows computers. The iolo product line includes System Mechanic®, the #1 best-selling PC tune-up software; System Mechanic Professional®, an all-in-one suite of both PC tune-up and security tools; Search and Recover™, a powerful data recovery tool for retrieving deleted files and photos; DriveScrubber®, the #1 best-selling utility for permanently erasing data from hard drives; as well as System Shield®, iolo AntiVirus™ and iolo Personal Firewall™, Internet security software.  For more information see

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