How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

Are deleted texts recoverable? Find out how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android phones by following these quick and simple steps.

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sAntivirus Removal Guide

Uninstalling SAntivirus isn't as easy as you might think. If you need to remove the misleading SAntivirus software from your computer, follow these steps.

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What is Hard Drive Shredding?

Hard drive shredding vs hard drive scrubbing software programs. Discover the differences and what may be more suitable in protecting your data.

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How To Speed Up Windows 7 on Older PC or Laptop

Do you have an older computer and want to know how to speed up Windows 7? If so, discover these three simple tips that will get your PC up to speed.

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How To Speed Up Your Computer Like A Pro

​​Knowing how to speed up your computer is a great skill to have. Discover quick-fix solutions that can help improve your PC performance and speed.

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How To Connect Two Computers Wirelessly

Want to know how to connect two computers wirelessly without the internet? If you're ever without wifi, you can still share files using these two methods!

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Simple Ways To Check Computer Performance

Is your PC feeling sluggish? It's better to get to the source right away. Discover some ways to check and improve performance on your computer.

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How To Increase Laptop Speed

If you are wondering how to increase laptop speed for better performance, iolo has some tips that can help bring your laptop up to speed.

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10 Tricks For Speeding Up Windows 11/10

If your PC has started running slower than usual, check out these 10 tricks for speeding up Windows 10. iolo has simple and advanced tips for you!

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How Do I Uninstall SCU (System Checkup)

There are instances where a specific dialogue window pops up when a user is trying to install an iolo product. This window can be confusing, because it states that there are conflicting products detected on the computer. When this occurs, uninstalling the system check up application is necessary in order to install a utility.

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