Global System Status Details
based on 0 samples since October 21, 2020
Clutter: Fair
Average amount of Internet clutter: 0 B
Average amount of system clutter: 0 B
Risks posed by junk and obsolete files
Every time you work on your computer or browse the Internet, temporary files, cache files, and cookies are saved to your hard drive. Most of these are files that you will never use and do not need to save. More unneeded buildup occurs from deleted files accumulating in the Recycle Bin. All this debris clutters your computer and overtaxes its resources.
Speed: Fair
PCs without optimized Internet settings: 100%
Average number of startup bottlenecks: 0
PCs with deficient memory levels: 0%
Average drive fragmentation: 0%
Risks posed by speed and performance drains
Various inefficiencies can bring your computer’s processing to a crawl, including fragmented hard drives, splintered system memory, scattered registry entries, and unneeded programs starting with Windows.
Security: Fair
PCs without active virus protection: 100% 
PCs without active firewall protection: 100%
PCs infected with spyware: 0.00 % 
Average number of security flaws: 0
Risks posed by malicious software
Computer viruses, hackers, and other Internet dangers continue to pose a high risk. A range of malicious programs (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.) are designed to damage computers or obtain confidential information from them. These infections can wreak havoc by causing permanent computer damage, destroying data, and enabling identity theft.
Fitness: Fair
PCs with hard drive problems: 0%
Average number of registry problems: 0
Average number of shortcut problems: 0
Average number invalid uninstallers: 0
Risks posed by PC damage or corruption
Over time and with regular usage, a computer can slowly degrade and become unstable, with frequent crashes, perplexing error messages, and a host of other unexpected nuisances. Some defects that can crop up over time are invalid registry references, broken shortcuts, hidden spyware, obsolete uninstallation files, and physical errors on the hard drive and other devices.

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